Transportation accidents of dangerous chemicals showed a rising trend in recent years especially 2014 which has been aroused governments, media and public attention. Hazardous chemical materials safety management, corporate social responsibility, safety, environmental protection, health has become the focus of media and society.

With the change of global economic markets, shale gas revolution impacts, the development of alternative energy, China’s rising labor costs and the change of national policy which has driven transformation and innovation of chemical enterprises, seeking changes in opportunities and challenges. Supply chain strategy, supply chain model has been the core of increasing enterprises competition ability.

China chemical supply chain forum 2015 will be hold in Shanghai On March 25-26, 2015 by YIP Events. That will attract more than 180 attendees to make exploration on market &policy outlook, hazardous chemical logistics, enterprise transformation, innovation and supply chain lean management.

----Message from Organizing Committee

What you will get:
Understand latest policies and market outlook
Sharing and Learning benchmarking enterprise supply chain management
Explore innovation road
Seeking your supply chain partner
Expand BD opportunity
Network with industry supply chain leaders

Industrial Breakdown:

Conference Key Words:


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