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The main current periodical in logistics field, CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT, publishes to the whole world.


CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is authorized by General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China. The periodical publishes to the whole world monthly. CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is the main current periodical in material handling and logistics area. We cover trends and information of the modern logistics area in the world on time and research problems of the modern logistics with experts and elites who are famous in this field. We spread the management and the technique news of the modern material handling and logistics field and seek its development trends. We construct the cooperative platform effectively for exchanging opinions further and search for cooperative partner for two sides of supply and demanding in modern material handling and logistics circles.


The readers and advertisement customers of CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT spread all over famous logistics enterprises, system integration groups, equipment producers, large-scale produce and manufacture enterprises, commerce and trade enterprises, academic communities and government departments. CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is always appraised as Primary Periodical by management departments of Press and Publication in China.


Periodical Purposes:

·Cover all-round and further trends and information of the modern material handling and logistics field in the world on time.

·Research modern transport and logistics problems with experts and elites of this field.

·Introduce all-round information of the applied achievements of the new management and technique.

·Dissect typical cases of successful enterprises in the material handling and logistics circle.

·Construct the effective and cooperative platform for two sides of material handling and logistics enterprises.


Main Column:

·Logistics Focus     



·Special Topic   

·Exclusive Interview



·Wide Angle


·Port Logistics

·Regional Logistics






Readers Distribution:

·Internal Readers

Comprehensive logistics enterprises, Storage and transport enterprises, Large and medium-scale manufacture enterprises, Material supply-and-marketing and commerce currency enterprises, Logistics software suppliers, Logistics establishment and equipment suppliers, Colleges and academies, Academic institutions, Military logistics, all circles related to logistics.

·External Readers

Publishes to more ten countries in world, such as Library of Congress in USA, University of Cambridge in UK, the Department of Defense in France, Developed Countries and Departments of Governments.


CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is international format16 monthly periodical containing 128 pages. It costs 10 RMB per volumes and 12 volumes per year.

Internal Publication No. CN12—1204/F

International Publication No. ISSN1005—0434

Postal Publication No. 6-151


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