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Company introduction

Chinese Logistics Products Web is the most famous electric business platform focus on the promotion and application of logistics products. It received comprehensive supporting from famous associations, research institutions and logistics experts since open.
● The first B to B website for direct purchasing in logistics field, the supplying company and purchasing company must be satisfied by our professional services
● You can find your supplying company exactly and promptly just by two clicks, we have more than 170 sorts of logistics products and professional search tools
● Mounts of purchasing information will provide more business opportunities to the logistics products supplying companies
● We can provide the most professional and directly purchasing approachs to the purchasing managers in industrial logistics, commercial logistics, storage logistics and all the logistics products and logistics software enterprises
● The Experts Committees of Chinese Logistics Products Website which was made up of tens of famous logistics experts and equipment experts can provide counseling freely to enterprises, as well as professional suggestions and technology standards on logistic and relative products on optimization for the firms’ supply chain structure, programming of firms’ industrial logistics, the design of logistics garden and logistics center, the purchasing of logistics equipment

Purchasing number: 010-82387008
Service number: 010-62318238
Fax number: 010-82387008-8008

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