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Website: http://china.guidechem.com/

Guidechem.com was established with the aim to build the most comprehensive database of chemical products and contain most complete suppliers, making chemical trading more efficient, convenient and safe. facilitate global chemical trading and bring chemical buyers & sellers from all over the world to one common chemical platform. 

Guidechem.com builds a professional chemical platform including millions of chemical products' database and about 30 thousand international chemical suppliers.Our vision is to help you find your demanding chemical information and reliable suppliers.International chemical trading, all in your hand, anytime, anywhere.

Guidechem.com careful preparation of your showroom can give an extraordinary exposure to traders in the global chemical market.

Guidechem.com takes pride in announcing that Guidechem.com has highly professional and dedicated customer support representatives who are readily available to resolve the concerns and worries of all Guidechem.com members.

The Online chemical trading guide Grow your chemical trading business at a rapid development with the expert assistance of Guidechem.com.

Website: http://www.ichainnel.com/

iChainnel is a personalized supply chain news and information service. It offers the latest news and information for your interests from thousands of newspapers, magazines, and websites. You can follow your supply chain channels as you go.

Website: http://www.icis-china.com

ICIS is a leading global provider of intelligence in the commodity markets. 
ICIS is a subsidiary under Reed Business Information, which is a part of the UK-based RELX Group. RELX is a world-leading provider of professional information solutions, listed as one of the Fortune 500 companies.
ICIS China has a professional analyst’s team with 25 years of industry experience and data accumulation in China market. It owns a massive networking comprising 100,000 enterprises.
With an international outlook, ICIS China provides market information and consulting service covering 180+ commodities to clients in the China petrochemical, energy, fertilizer and paper industries.  
The industry chains cover:  petroleum, natural gas, chemical, coal chemical, carbon emission and paper industries.

31 Event
Website: http://www.31huiyi.com/

31 Event is committed to the Internet and mobile technology (Mobile + Social + Cloud), who serves the meeting industry, enhances experience, quality and efficiency of organizing meetings. There are more than 80,000 organizers, 2,000,000 users and 120,000 suppliers looking for each other on 31 Event. Over 300,000 events take place on 31 Event every year. 31 Event is dedicated to make the meeting industry better and easier.

Website: http://www.clb.org.cn

www.clb.org.cn is a platform firstly proposed concept of “online logistics bidding”. It conveys logistics information timely and is welcomed by enterprises.

Website: http://meet.chemall.com.cn/meet.asp?meetid=1133

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Website: http://www.chinachuyun.com

The main current periodical in logistics field, CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT, publishes to the whole world.
CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is authorized by General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China. The periodical publishes to the whole world monthly. CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is the main current periodical in material handling and logistics area. We cover trends and information of the modern logistics area in the world on time and research problems of the modern logistics with experts and elites who are famous in this field. We spread the management and the technique news of the modern material handling and logistics field and seek its development trends. We construct the cooperative platform effectively for exchanging opinions further and search for cooperative partner for two sides of supply and demanding in modern material handling and logistics circles.
The readers and advertisement customers of CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT spread all over famous logistics enterprises, system integration groups, equipment producers, large-scale produce and manufacture enterprises, commerce and trade enterprises, academic communities and government departments. CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is always appraised as Primary Periodical by management departments of Press and Publication in China.

Periodical Purposes:
·Cover all-round and further trends and information of the modern material handling and logistics field in the world on time.
·Research modern transport and logistics problems with experts and elites of this field.
·Introduce all-round information of the applied achievements of the new management and technique.
·Dissect typical cases of successful enterprises in the material handling and logistics circle.
·Construct the effective and cooperative platform for two sides of material handling and logistics enterprises.

Main Column:
·Logistics Focus
·Special Topic
·Exclusive Interview
·Wide Angle
·Port Logistics
·Regional Logistics

Readers Distribution:
·Internal Readers
Comprehensive logistics enterprises, Storage and transport enterprises, Large and medium-scale manufacture enterprises, Material supply-and-marketing and commerce currency enterprises, Logistics software suppliers, Logistics establishment and equipment suppliers, Colleges and academies, Academic institutions, Military logistics, all circles related to logistics.
·External Readers
Publishes to more ten countries in world, such as Library of Congress in USA, University of Cambridge in UK, the Department of Defense in France, Developed Countries and Departments of Governments.

CHINA STORAGE & TRANSPORT is international format16 monthly periodical containing 128 pages. It costs 10 RMB per volumes and 12 volumes per year.
Internal Publication No. CN12—1204/F
International Publication No. ISSN1005—0434
Postal Publication No. 6-151

Contact us:
Tel: +86 (022) 24228378/24228368/24228068
Fax: +86(022) 24228078
Email: zgcyzzs@sohu.com
Web: www.chinachuyun.com
Address: Fang Da Building 5F, Ba Jing Road No.23, He Dong District, Tianjin City, China.
Postal code: 300012

Chinese Logistics Products Web
Website: http://www.56products.com/

Chinese Logistics Products Web is the most famous electric business platform focus on the promotion and application of logistics products. It received comprehensive supporting from famous associations, research institutions and logistics experts since open.
● The first B to B website for direct purchasing in logistics field, the supplying company and purchasing company must be satisfied by our professional services
● You can find your supplying company exactly and promptly just by two clicks, we have more than 170 sorts of logistics products and professional search tools
● Mounts of purchasing information will provide more business opportunities to the logistics products supplying companies
● We can provide the most professional and directly purchasing approachs to the purchasing managers in industrial logistics, commercial logistics, storage logistics and all the logistics products and logistics software enterprises
● The Experts Committees of Chinese Logistics Products Website which was made up of tens of famous logistics experts and equipment experts can provide counseling freely to enterprises, as well as professional suggestions and technology standards on logistic and relative products on optimization for the firms’ supply chain structure, programming of firms’ industrial logistics, the design of logistics garden and logistics center, the purchasing of logistics equipment

Purchasing number: 010-82387008
Service number: 010-62318238
Fax number: 010-82387008-8008
E-mail: 56@56products.com
Website: www.56products.com   www.56808.com

Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Website: http://www.SDCExec.com

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the executive's user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, utilizing hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints and unbiased case studies to steer executives and supply management professionals through the complicated, yet critical, world of supply and demand chain enablement to gain competitive advantage. Supply & Demand Chain Executive is a publication of AC Business Media. On the Web at www.SDCExec.com and on smartphones and tablets at www.SDCExec.com/mobile.

Website: http://www.wxpcn.com/

The logistics network of China about hazardous cargo (www.wxpcn.com/www.56998.net), which is a professional logistics information platform belongs to Zibo YunDa logistic Enterprise which with an AAA credibility on hazardous cargo logistics. This platform collects and issues the supply of car and goods through the Internet, mobile phone client, Wechat and so on. The platform is able to effectively integrate logistics resources ,optimize logistics solutions, logistics cost saving through the data analysis so that the transportation of hazardous cargo vehicles empty loading rate can be minimized ,besides, save the energy and protect the environment , develop the low carbon economy. Meanwhile, the platform operates the on-line monitoring to the vehicles which is loading the hazardous cargo through the GPS to ensure the safety of logistics operation of the hazardous cargo, then to enhance the service standards in the industry. The platform is completely free to all of the customers. TEL: 13953377500 13386436256 13386436156

Website: https://chemlinked.com/

Chemlinked是杭州华测瑞欧科技有限公司下属法规信息服务平台。自成立以来,Chemlinked 着重致力于亚太地区法规合规信息服务,覆盖包括中国,中国台北,日本,韩国,泰国,马来西亚,印度等多个国家和地区。平台服务包括但不限于:Regulatory Database, Inventory Database, Chempedia, Expert Articles, Regular Webinar, One-to-One Expert Consultant Services, E-books, Translation Service. 我们的客户包括礼来,欧莱雅,诺华等众多国际知名公司,同时,Chemlinked首页slideshow 5个名额有限广告招商中。

What is ChemLinked?
Simply put, Chemlinked places at your fingertips the most powerful tools in your regulatory compliance Arsenal. Located in one of China’ s major economic hubs, the ChemLinked team leverages our geographical and language advantages to bring you unparalleled access and up-to-the-minute coverage on Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean breaking regulatory news.

What does ChemLinked Provide?
Regulatory Database / Inventory Database/ ChemPedia/ Expert Articles/ Regular Webinars/ One-to-One Expert Consultant Services/ E-books/ Access to expert consultancy provided by Asia's preeminent Chemical, Food, Agrochemical and Cosmetic industry experts.

Why ChemLinked?
Our mission is to provide our customers with crucial regulatory information and provide all the necessary tools for efficient regulatory compliance.
The fundamental tenant we live by is to provide our customers with crucial regulatory information and provide all the necessary tools for efficient regulatory compliance.
· We monitor the most recent regulatory issues from over 100 Chinese authorities to keep you alert to the changes and potential trends in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.
· We have painstakingly compiled a comprehensive database of China’ s regulations and regulatory inventories and have provide insightful analysis, analyze and inferences.
· Our top regulatory experts share their in-depth interpretation and extensive practical compliance experience.
· Problem orientated one-to-one troubleshooting sessions aimed at dealing with difficult situations.
· Chemlinked  regularly engages with  Chinese authorities on revisions to technical guidelines and regulations and  has  also  been  heavily  involved  in  an advisory  capacity  during  the  development  of  many  of  the regulations underpinning Chinese Chemical Management.