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About China Intellectual Property Magazine
China IP is a magazine comprehensively reporting developments of Chinese IP industry and serving IP professionals in enterprises. Since its establishment in 2004, China IP has been devoting itself to efficiently disseminating the philosophy and value of IP globally. To date, with the core products of the Chinese and English magazines, our products range from International IP Law Firms directory to newspapers, websites, e-magazines, IP Weekly, WeChat, Weibo, conferences and forums, researches and surveys, etc.
Branded products and services include:
China IP Magazine Chinese Version (monthly), China IP Magazine English Version (bimonthly), China Daily IP Special, China Daily IPR Channel, China IP Website, China IP Annual Forum, “Being a Guest in the Editorial Office” salon, International IP Law Firms Directory (IIPF), IIPF Online Inquiry System, researches and surveys,  Wechat, Weibo, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc.

About China IP Annual Forum
The China IP Annual Forum aims at summarizing and forecasting the IP industry development of China on a yearly basis, exchanging experience and discussing IP strategies as the economic situations vary.
Besides laws and policies, the forums focus more on the functions and values of IP in revitalizing and boosting the real economy as well as its application and management in business innovations and development. The annual forums have become one of the most influential forums in China for arousing strong repercussions and being heavily influential.

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