China Pharma Intellectual Property Summit 2016 will be hold in Shanghai by YIP Events on November 17th -18th, devoted to providing a learning and networking platform for those who are engaged in pharma IP protection. We will invite renowned speakers from SIPO, USPTO, EPO, multinational pharma company, local Chinese pharma company, leading law firm to specify the newest pharma patent legislations/policies, share their IP strategies/excellent cases, and discuss hot topics. Below are some information may help to understand this summit better.

Summit Background:
IP is playing a very important role in pharmaceutical industry, especially for biopharmaceutical companies. Under the background of fierce competition, patents have undoubtedly been the most effective way to protect their products and kept the advantage of market competition. Patent protection has also become one of the core concerns, not only for multinational pharma companies, but also for local Chinese pharma companies. Biopharmaceutical industry in China is undergoing a very rapid growth, which make pharma IP protection more important and urgent.

Additionally, pharma patent topics have aroused people’s attention, including: “Patent Cliff”, patent duration under TPP, patent dispute after first biosimilars approved in US, “Patent Dance” in BPCIA, the new Patent Law in China and so on. All of these make this year’s summit more meaningful and time-efficient.

Why you should not miss this summit?
1. Mastering pharmaceutical IP protection legislations and policies updates in China, US and Europe
2. Discussing the hot topics, grasping the future trends
3. Learning excellent IP cases from leading companies about IP protection, IP defense, IP litigation, IP risks management, IP layout and so on
4. Building and cementing relationships with your clients/partners face to face

The participants are mainly from pharma companies, biotech companies, law firms, IP/patent agencies, IP/patent solution providers, governments, relevant associations, colleges/institutes, and the meeting scale is expected to 180-200 people. If you would like to attend or sponsor our summit, please feel free to call / email us to reserve your seats ASAP!

Thanks again for your attention and looking forward to your participation! Sincerely,

----Organizing Committee of China Pharma IP Summit 2016

DAY 1 Morning

0730 Registration & Morning Coffee


Opening Remark

Day1 Conference Chairperson: Tony Chen, Partner, Jones Day

0850 China Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Protection Legislation and Policy Updates
Qingkui Zhang, Former Director General, Pharmaceutical and Biological Invention Examination Department, SIPO; Chief of the Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Research Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association


Patenting Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Inventions at the EPO(Including the Latest Developments at the EPO)

● Types of patentable inventions in pharma and biotechnology

● Exclusions and exceptions to patentability

● Recent procedural developments – Early certainty

● IP5 developments (International cooperation)

Dieter Tzschoppe, Director Pharmaceuticals, EPO


USPTO Guidelines and Examples Regarding Patent Eligibility in Biotechnology (Section 101)

Debora Plehn-Dujowich, Chair of the Biotechnology Committee, American Intellectual Property Law Association

1050 Coffee Break & Refreshments


Practical Issues for Global Pharma Companies to Litigate IP Disputes in China

Fang Qi, Partner, Fangda Partners

1150 Panel Discussion: The Patent Linkage Promotes Pharmaceutical Innovation in China
Moderator: Tony Chen, Partner, Jones Day
Panelists: Randall Rader, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (Retired in 2014)
Yongshun Cheng, Director, Beijing Intellectual Property Institute

1230 Lunch Buffet

DAY 1 Afternoon


Regulatory Data Protection

● RDP in Europe, US. and Japan

● RDP under TRIPs

● RDP in China

Xu Yang, Senior Patent Attorney, Johnson & Johnson

1440 Building Effective Patent Defense System to Avoid Patent Barriers
● Patent searching and analyzing
● Public opinion submitting
● Patent invalidation
Caihui Li, Chief IP Officer, National Engineering Research Center On Antibody Medicine, Sunshine Guojian Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) CO., Ltd

1520 Coffee Break & Refreshments

1550 Recent Developments in Pharma Patent Case Laws in Japan
Takanori ABE, Managing Partner, ABE & PARTNERS

1630 The Status Quo and Challenges of Pharmaceutical Patent in China
Wu Li, Senior Consultant, AnJie Law Firm

1700 Issues to Be Considered When Launching a Generic Drug in Europe
● The issue of finding and evaluating relevant third party rights which may cause problems, and steps that can be taken to challenge these rights
● The issue of supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) and understand how third-party SPC rights may be challenged
● Overview of the Unitary Patent Court and how the recent Brexit vote is likely to affect the implementation of this new system and also how the UK's decision to leave Europe court might affect patentees.
Jonathan D.M. Atkinson, Partner, HGF Limited

1730 Panel Discussion: Recent Pharma Patent Litigation Cases Analysis and Its influences
● What it means to us that local Chinese pharma company prosecuted multinational pharma company in recent years?
● What can we learn from these patent litigation cases?
Moderator: Heather LIN, Senior Partner and Patent Attorney, NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys
Panelists: Xu Yang, Senior Patent Attorney, Johnson & Johnson
Takanori ABE, Managing Partner, ABE & PARTNERS
Christopher Shaowei, Senior Partner, NTD Patent & Trademark Agency

1810 Closing Remark

DAY 2 Morning

0800 Morning Coffee


Opening Remark

Day2 Conference Chairperson: Weihong Hsing, Partner, Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP


Patent Inventiveness Examination of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Patent Reexamination Invalid Cases in China
Renjiu Li, Director of Pharmaceutical and Biological Department, The Patent Reexamination Board of the SIPO

0930 Sun Tzu--The Art of Global IP War
● Developing a global litigation strategy in defending your products.
● The challenges to overcome.
● The tools you can use from your toolbox.
Peter L. Dolan, Senior Director - Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East Patent Support at Merial (a Sanofi Company)

1010 Coffee Break & Refreshments


The Use of Inter Partes Review Petitions in Pharma Patent Litigation

● Review of the competing statutes: Hatch-Waxman vs. America Invents Act

● Strategies for use of IPR in the pharmaceutical context

● Special issues with concurrent ANDA litigation

Alyson Wooten, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Co-Speaker: Alex Trimble, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP


Biosimilars – Where Are We Now?

● What biosimilars have been approved in what regions of the world

● Overview of the related IP litigation (and related proceedings such as oppositions and IPRs) in the different

● jurisdictions

● How a bioisimilar is developed and biosimilar IP protection

Charles Sholtz, Vice President of Intellectual Property, Coherus Biosciences


Panel Discussion: Interpretation Patent Dance of BPCIA and Its Influences on Biosimilars and Innovative Drugs

Moderator: Weihong Hsing, Partner, Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP

Panelists: Charles Sholtz, Vice President of Intellectual Property, Coherus Biosciences

Y. Jenny Chen, Shareholder, Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

1230 Lunch Buffet

DAY 2 Afternoon

1400 What’s the IP Risk and Strategy When Local Chinese Pharmaceutical Company "Going-Out"?
● Why local China pharma companies need “going-out”?
● Challenges and risks of global IP protection
● The importance of communication with lawyers in the target market countries
● The best time of IP protections
Yunli Xue, SVP, Luye Pharma Group Ltd


Risk and Reward of IP for Pharma Companies in China

● The importance of IP to pharmaceutical industry

● The rapid development of China IP environment in recent years

● The restrictive IP factors in development of pharmaceutical industry

● The opportunity and challenge of multinational pharmaceutical company IP management

Kent Yang, Senior Patent Attorney, Novartis

1520 Coffee Break & Refreshments

1550 The Origins and Operation of the Hatch-Waxman Act and Its Likely Impact in China

Randall Rader, Former Chief Judge, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (Retired in 2014)


Standard Strategy of Pharmaceutical Innovative Technology

Shengju Deng, Vice President, Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co. Ltd.

1710 Closing Remark


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