Company introduction

IPRdaily is the world's leading intellectual property technology new-media, aiming to report the latest developments in the intellectual property industry at home and abroad ;paying attention to the intelligence analysis of intellectual property of giant company, listed company and start-ups. paying attention to the business model of the field of intellectual property. The first entrance of intellectual property investment and financing of the capital market. Objective acute record and share the latest trend of intellectual property industry analysis and comments.

IPRdaily owns many brands, including 426.cn-the internet homepage of intellectual property rights (http://426.cn/), GIPC(http://www.iprdaily.com/gipc, Global Intellectual Property Ecology Congress), IPRC(http://www.iprdaily.com/iprc, The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Intellectual Property ) and IPCC(IPR CEO CLUB)

Web Site:http://www.iprdaily.com


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